Stations of the Light (also called Stations of Joy or Stations of the Resurrection)

In 2008, the Houston Cenacle, at the behest of the SDI class of 2007, commissioned artist Mary Ellen Rouen to create images representing each of the Stations of Light. Her renditions were installed in the Cenacle garden path during the Easter Season of that year. With closure of the Cenacle in Houston, the clay images were given to Emmaus Spirituality Center. Saturday, November 21st Emmaus Spirituality Center, will be dedicating the Stations of Light in our new prayer garden located at 12211 Memorial Drive.

The 14 Stations of Light recall events which occurred during the 50-day period between the Resurrection and Pentecost. These devotions date back to AD 300 and references were found in the Roman catacombs. In the 1990s, Salesian Father Sabino Palumbieri helped develop the idea to combine the events mentioned in the catacombs inscription with other post-Resurrection events. The Official Vatican Prayer book for the Jubilee Year 2000, includes a Via Lucis (Way/Stations of Light) along with the traditional Via Crucis (Way/Stations of the Cross).

The Via Crucis, reminds us of Jesus accepting the suffering of all in the world. Many people are familiar with the fourteen prayerful reflections on Jesus’ journey to Calvary, the Stations of the Cross. This journey continues and is completed through the Via Lucis, by which Jesus brings hope and peace and missions his followers. The early followers of Jesus celebrated the continued presence of the Risen Jesus through the practice of the Stations of the Light, marking fourteen post-Easter encounters with Jesus. These include the women at the tomb, individual disciples, and the encounter on the Road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-15, 25-27).

Please join us this coming Saturday, November 21st 1-4 pm for our dedication. For more information the book Stations of the Light by Mary Ford Grabowsky is available at our online bookstore

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